Raising the Bar

Every structure is unique, and every job has its own set of expectations. But one thing that remains constant is how we approach each and every project: with confidence. That’s because our team is capable of doing so much more than simply hanging drywall. Construction projects are complex, with countless moving parts, coupled with deadlines and budget expectations. Most drywall companies don’t make an effort to understand how their work fits into the bigger picture.

But we do.  And this is how we do it:

We Value True Partnerships

Effective partnerships are based on communication, understanding and trust. We’re with you every step of the way, from the initial bidding and budgeting process all the way through to project completion. We’re always reachable and open to questions about assemblies, ULs or code requirements. We'll help address concerns and share ideas. You can count on us to provide solutions that will make your project a success.

We Understand the Entire Project

TRĀCO never settles for simply bidding on jobs; we make it a point to understand the entire project. We study building plans so that we can anticipate needs for the entire scope of work that each project requires – not just drywall and paint. This makes our estimates exceptionally accurate and reliable and takes the guesswork out of your budgeting process or hoping that we can deliver on what we say we can. And we’re more than happy to sit down with you, share what we know, show you how we arrived at our numbers – and why you can trust them.

We Take Pride in Our Work

It may seem like an old-fashioned notion, but we really are proud of the skill and craftsmanship our team puts into every job. Because we value long-term partnerships, we take a thoughtful approach to how we select each employee, subcontractor and vendor that makes up our extended team. We all bring something important and unique to the table, and we share a common passion for quality, efficiency, innovation and consistently giving nothing less than our best.

We All Wear the Safety Hat

As the saying goes, safety is everyone’s responsibility – and that’s something we took to heart on day one. Each employee and subcontractor receives continual job site safety training, and they are empowered and encouraged to ensure that every task on every job site is done with everyone’s safety in mind. Our dedicated Compliance Director also helps ensure we’re up to date on the latest OSHA requirements and that safety is a priority in every project we undertake. It’s just the right thing to do.

Commercial and Residential Drywall

What We Do:

• Detailed and Comprehensive Written Scope
• Professional Estimating and Budgeting
• Drywall Installation – Hanging & Finishing
• Interior / Exterior Paint
• Acoustic Ceiling Tile
• Light Gauge Metal Framing
• Engineered Shop Drawings
• Dedicated OSHA and DOL Compliance

Poured Gypsum Flooring:

TRĀCO is proud to partner with and recommend Quality Controlled Floor Systems. With more than 25 years of combined construction experience, QCFS has provided gypsum underlayment services to builders of all sizes in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina.  

Click the link below to learn more about Quality Controlled Floor Systems, the South's leader in Levelrock underlayment, sound mat and elevated exterior concrete. 

"TRĀCO has great job supervision, and
they are quick to respond. They are professional and all around good people."

      Troy Davis -
      Superintendent, Harold K. Jordan & Company